Dance in the Age of Advertising

Image. He walks down the line of young men, martially, looks at us, one by one. “You think you know what fear is? You don’t know what fear is. I know what fear is”. The Choreographer. As we’d come in the room, he’d made a point of being sat at the piano, tinkling away at […]

My aging body

I took a class last week with a teacher who happens to have worked with a bunch of famous people. He’s successful, and he looks the part. He’s a small, Mexican (I think) man with good looks and with an obscene level of physical fitness. To demonstrate how fit he is and take a stab […]

Relaxed Audience

This morning I read an interesting article by Maddy Costa about ‘relaxed’ performances, aimed at people with disabilities and their carers. But I thought the article begged other questions. Or one other question in particular: should we shut up at every performance and patiently be entertained/sedated/just-about-breathing as performance unfolds? I happen to be one of these people […]

My First Big D&D

  Last weekend I did something I don’t normally do: I went to talk to people. Specifically, talk to strangers about my “trade”. This happened at Devoted and Disgruntled’s tenth event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, an event which aims, according to their website and in the words of Phelim McDermott, artistic director […]


Here is some of what we got up to in the studio with bgroup before finding out that Arts Council wouldn’t fund our tour… Sad days: Spectrum – to see the world while the light lasts from bgroup on Vimeo.


After my latest collaboration with Dam Van Huynh on “Gesundheit”, I’ll be joining bgroup in January. Looking forward to working with the wonderful Ben Wright again.

Free To Fall

Some pictures from recent showing of my work Sea of Love at Rich Mix, London. Chor. Dom Czapski Music Juan Madero Text Timothy Furstnau, read by Vito Acconci Pictures by David C Ball

Free To Fall

2 more days until Free to Fall! This Friday, starts at 7.30pm at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London Would be good to see some friendly faces there…

Dance infantilisation

Article19 raising a few good points about the infantilisation of dance PR. In my opinion this probably goes to the core of many problems facing UK dance today.

Unnecessary Instagram Pic

Next week, two weeks of development of ongoing work with composer Jamie Hamilton. Also, we bought a massive fan. Of the reinforced steel type.