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Resolution review 29 Jan 2016: Exim, LAM, Backspace

Exim Dance Company: The Birth of Memory LAM Dance Company: Sisyphus’ Wife Backspace Collective: Unbaptised Infants In The Birth of Memory, a work with purpose in its stride, four dancers shift and play between different spatial configurations of Benjamin’s bare-boned choreography. Added to this are layers of projections – sometimes words, sometimes abstract imagery that […]

Resolution review 16 Jan 2016: Philp, Pirenaika, Spoken Movement

Jack Philp Company: PsychoacousticPirenaika Dance: Calle LeganitosSpoken Movement: Family Honour In a way, Psychoacoustic offered a checklist of we’ve come to expect from contemporary dance: electronic music, projections of urban landscapes and the occasional dab of twitchy movement. None of which is necessarily to be deplored, per se; and some of which might very well […]