About the blog

This blog is an attempt, in my mind, to bring together two interests of mine: writing and dance-theatre.

It’s a selfish way for me to reflect on this weird art form I’ve spent the past few years working in. It’s an attempt for me to engage with it, by engaging with the main players, in a manner that hopes to go beyond the echo-chamber provided to us by the existing specialised media, and in an effort to ask myself what it is that makes dance-theatre a tremendously powerful art form (I’ll eschew any effort to define here the terms “dance-theatre” or “powerful”, as doing so would probably leave us with not very much more to talk about).

It’s an attempt to engage with dance-theatre in a slightly different way (with the odd sprinkling of self-promotion—see picture below).

More simply put, this blog is a way for me to describe the performing arts scene around me, and hopefully discuss it with the people who take part in it. And to raise more questions than answers.

Photo: Jui-Wei Hung

Photo: Jui-Wei Hung